Excellent Ricco Barrino recorded numerous songs

Ricco Barrino was born in High Point, NC. He began his music career singing at the Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church, where his family members taught him how to lead a choir.

His music is CROSS GENERATIONAL. The compositions and lyrics are fun, free flowing and memorable. Barrino says, “My music is a gumbo of new school and old school music with aggressive word play using old school melodies to formulate what I call Rock Soul. My music is more creative, but yet controlled with quality and the edginess of radio mainstream.”

Barrino burs on the scene in 2007 when he released the debut single, “Bubble Gum”, which led to a recording deal with TI’s Grand Hustle Records in 2008. Since the, Ricco has recorded numerous songs including “Pray For Me” and “Hood” a duet with his famous sibling and American Idol Winner Fantasia. With familiar favorites like “California” and credits that include the Oscar nominated film, “The Butler”.

In 2016, The singer was featured on five songs in rotation at mainstream radio including “California” (Colonel Loud ft. Young Dolph x TI), “Come to the Money” (T. Neal ft. Ricco Barrino x Colonel Loud), “No Ratches” (Colonel Loud ft. Ricco Barrino), “Pray For Me” (RiccoBarrino), and “Vibe” (Ricco Barrino).



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